iStock_000009765670XSmall (2)Running a small business requires you to manage your mailbox, make and keep appointments and work through your task list – and as your business gathers pace, the pile of “to dos” also grows exponentially. For many business owners, this is the point at which they begin to consider hiring an assistant. But what if there was another, less costly option?

With its flexible hosted desktop solution, The Cloud offers you the ability to access your calendar, email and files whenever you want. This means that you can keep on top of your workload at any available opportunity, extending your office and productivity beyond the office walls.

By using the Cloud rather than employing an assistant you will:

  • Save on employment costs like salary, National Insurance contributions, training and other associated costs to remunerate a member of staff
  • Save time that would otherwise be spent bringing an assistant up to speed
  • Increase your own personal productivity around the clock and across the world
  • Retain a more personal, hands-on approach when dealing with customers as all communication comes direct from you

You may find in time that the situation really does become unmanageable and that an assistant becomes a necessity. However, for a business experiencing rapid growth but looking to keep costs low, the Cloud provides a great way to get ahead.

To find out more about Cloud services and solutions and how they could benefit your business, call the Broadband Cloud Solutions team today on 0141 585 6363.

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