It may sound like a generic business buzzword, but democratization could actually offer your business a significant competitive advantage. Even at the most basic level, democratization makes enterprise-class computing available to everyone, at a much lower cost than buying such software would normally entail.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are an excellent example of this kind of democratization. A CRM system is used to track and analyse interactions between you and your customers, allowing you to see how effective marketing campaigns are, track leads, record details of opportunities, close deals and offer your customers a better level of service.

Normally CRM systems are very expensive. Expensive to buy, install, configure and maintain. However, by purchasing a subscription to a Cloud-based CRM all those costs are replaced by a single subscription fee – which brings us back to democratization.
With cost-effective access to functions previously only available to bigger businesses, the marketplace suddenly becomes more competitive, allowing smaller companies to get a foothold. This levelling of the playing field is what democratization is all about.

So if your business needs a competitive advantage, but doesn’t want to break the bank, why not look into Cloud systems? Democratization may an unfamiliar term, but now you know the details, but the benefits are undeniable.

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