Internet symbol www domain name connected to a mouseAs we said in our previous article, choosing the right domain name for your company can be challenging, but it’s extremely important when trying to win business online. Here are some further pointers to help you identify the best domain name for your company.

Is it valid?

Domain names are currently limited to 67 characters in length and can only contain the 26 letters of the alphabet, numbers 0 to 9 and hyphens (‘-‘). Trying to register a domain with accented characters, ampersands (&) or any other symbols will fail. Note that the 67 character limit does not include the domain name extension ( etc).

No spaces

Although it may look strange, you cannot include spaces between words in your domain name. You can indicate spaces by placing hyphens between words but this does tend to make remembering and communicating your domain name much harder.

‘Camel’ addressing

When writing your domain name on business cards or other marketing collateral, you can use ‘camel’ addressing to help make it more memorable. For instance, ‘’ is exactly the same as ‘’ because the Internet ignores capital letters. By capitalising each letter (giving the visual impression on a series of humps – hence camel addressing), customers can better understand the domain name, immediately making it more relevant and memorable.

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