iStock_000012965524XSmall (2)If you have a smallish company network which uses both Apple and Windows PCs, you will be familiar with the inherent difficulties in sharing data between the two. Although it is possible to share data directly between the machines, you must have each powered on at all times just in case you need to get hold of a particular document.

Traditionally this issue was avoided by implementing a company file server, which would become the central store for all data. However, this solution added significant business costs and usually required hiring a dedicated member of IT staff or taking out a support contract with a third party.

However, for many businesses, the Cloud has done away with the need for an in-house file store whilst simplifying data sharing between different Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablet computers. Simply point your chosen device at the online file store and the Cloud host does the rest.

The other major benefit is that these Cloud-based files are now accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. Rather than waiting until you get back to the office, or having to carry copies of all of your data everywhere with you, data is now stored safely in the Cloud ready for you.

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