Continuing economic uncertainty has led to many smaller businesses merging or creating stronger links with other companies, in order to ensure survival. One of the key outcomes required of such operations is to integrate internal IT systems to allow for data sharing.

Even enterprise-class businesses struggle to perform this critical task, often relying on expensive middleware to link disparate systems into a common interface. These approaches are extremely costly and well out of the reach of cash-strapped SMEs. Fortunately, Cloud-based systems may provide a more cost-effective, accessible solution.

For some businesses, the best way to integrate and share data is to have it hosted by a Cloud provider and then “hook” existing systems into this centralised store. However, depending on the volumes and types of data involved, this particular approach could also prove to be a little more costly than some businesses are willing to spend.

An alternative is to host client computer sessions in the Cloud and link these virtualized environments back to the data stores distributed at each company site. Administration of data stores remains responsibility of each member company, whilst access to each system can be controlled and administered centrally, reducing the costs associated with making access possible.

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