iStock_000002342324XSmall (2)For decades businesses have been looking for ways to reduce the physical paper which they process and store. Printed paper is costly because:

  • Paper requires space for storage.
  • The more space you have devoted to paper, the less you have for more productive business activities.
  • Moving paper, by courier or via the postal service, is much more costly than electronic transmission.

Worse still, printed paperwork can only be viewed in one place – if you leave a critical document at the office, you cannot view it until you get back. The delay might be short, but it could result in a lost deal in the meantime.

Digitising documents by scanning them for storage on your business computers can help reduce most of these costs. The server or computer on which the files are saved is much smaller than a single filing cabinet, and electronic documents can also be transmitted almost instantaneously as email attachments, saving on postage costs and the delays associated with the mail system.

Whilst this solution is great, there’s one that’s even better – if the digital documents are stored in the Cloud, the power of your paperwork is truly unleashed. The Cloud service provider is responsible for the physical space required to store your files, allowing you to reduce the real estate you require for your business. Better yet, your documents are available any place, anytime, increasing business efficiency.

If you would like more advice on digitising your paperwork, or using Cloud file storage, give the Broadband Cloud Solutions team a call today on 0141 585 6363.

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