Linux OS benefits

For many years Microsoft Windows has dominated the business and consumer computing markets. Yet despite this, much of the Internet is actually run on the alternative operating system (OS) called Linux. Although there are Windows-based hosting services available, here at Broadband Cloud Solutions, we always recommend choosing a Linux alternative – and here’s why!

Improved security

The design of the Linux OS makes it inherently more secure than Windows Server, helping to keep your data out of the hands of cybercriminals. The core of the OS is built on a security first principle, ensuring that the whole system is secure from the ground up. Thus the kernel is protected by several layers of security to prevent accidental or deliberate modifications, or changes.

This hardened approach to network security also means that websites hosted on Linux are much less likely to be hacked, or affected by viruses or other malware. Rock-solid security as standard is one of the main reasons that we only offer Linux hosting services on our shared, VPS and dedicated server packages.

Constantly updated and improved

Linux is “Open Source” allowing anyone who can program to modify, improve or extend the operating system. This means that the global Linux community is always developing new fixes and features for the benefit of other users. All updates are reviewed, tested and approved by other developers before release, ensuring that high standards of security and reliability are maintained.

As well as managed releases for upgrades and new version releases, new Linux OS and software updates are made almost daily. Choosing Linux allows you to take advantage of a constantly-evolving and improving OS ecosystem.

Impressive performance

The modular nature of Linux means that you can pick and choose which services to install, avoiding the “bloat” that is common with Windows and helping to improve performance. By installing only those services required for serving websites, our team can ensure that our Linux hosting services are quick, responsive and deliver your content to your users as quickly as possible.

This lightweight approach also means that Linux is less resource intensive, allowing businesses to prolong the workable lifespan of older hardware assets without noticing any drop in performance.

Complete customisation

Any business needing a specific tool or feature can have it developed without running into problems with licensing or copyright. In most cases you are not legally allowed to modify core files or services on Windows or Mac OS operating systems for instance. So if you need an OS tailored to your business’ specific needs, Linux is the only real choice available.

With a dedicated Linux server, businesses can build an environment that offers exactly what they need. From a powerful website hosting platform to email, and from databases to custom business applications, Linux can deliver them all with ease.

The unique combination of security, extensibility, flexibility and speed is exactly why Broadband Cloud Solutions only offer Linux hosting services. We feel that no other operating system offers our clients this level of value.

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