Linux_web_hostingWe believe that Linux-based webhosting is far superior to the alternatives out there. The vast majority of web professionals agree with us, so don’t be surprised when you find out that we only offer Linux operating systems – they’re great, and here is our reasoning.

Secure and robust

The Linux operating system has been built with security at its core. To the uninitiated, it is incredibly difficult to get to grips with, precisely because the system is locked down to prevent deliberate or accidental security breaches.

Although Microsoft Windows Server (the other popular web hosting option) has improved significantly in recent years, Linux is still far more secure for hosting your website.

A lower cost solution

Unlike many commercial products, the Linux operating system does not attract a licensing cost. This means that hosting can be offered at a far lower cost than a Windows alternative. You are only paying for the running costs of the physical machine on which your site is hosted, and the support and maintenance services included by your provider.

Linux keeps your costs low because you don’t have to pay a fee to Microsoft (or any other host) for the ‘privilege’ of using their software.

Linux makes better use of resources

Linux is also built to make better use of the physical resources available. This means that a physical server with lower specifications is able to host multiple sites simultaneously without any kind of impact on performance.

Better use of resources helps to lower the webhost’s costs, which they can then pass on to you in the form of lower bills.

Linux offers simple scalability

As your site grows in popularity, you will need more resources behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. Advanced deployments allow for clustering – where several physical or virtual machines are configured in such a way that they share resources seamlessly.

Clustering and other load balancing technologies allow your site to grow quickly and easily – and still take advantage of lower licensing and running costs.

It’s hugely popular

Linux is used by some of the world’s biggest companies to host some of the Internet’s most popular websites. This popularity helps to spur the activities of developers who work round the clock to improve, secure and enhance the system, ensuring its popularity into the future.

Unlike Microsoft products, any experienced developer can identify and fix problems which means that security patches and the like are released much more frequently, helping to keep your website safe.

A webhosting package for every use case

Here at Broadband Cloud Solutions we offer a selection of Linux webhosting. From entry-level hosting for the most basic website, right up to dedicated servers for the most complex, we have something for everyone.

To learn more about hosting and which package would best help your business meet its online goals, please get in touch.

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