A closed lock on a keyboardIf you operate an e-commerce website, or are thinking about setting one up for the first time, you will need to consider the security of your customers as they shop with you. Security is key to confidence, and confidence is key to convincing people to make a purchase from you.

You have no doubt heard the advice when using online shops about checking for the padlock symbol in your browser, a sign that the website is secure. So how do you go about getting that for your website? With an SSL certificate.

Short for Secure Sockets Layer, SSL is actually a form of encryption which stops hackers from intercepting sensitive information like credit card details as they are sent to your website. An SSL certificate proves that (a) your site has a suitable level of encryption to keep visitor’s information safe, and (b) you are who you say you are.

When a customer visits your website, their computer checks your SSL certificate and when satisfied everything is legitimate, displays the all-important padlock symbol. They then know that they can trust the security of your website and are more likely to continue with their purchase.

If you would like further information about SSL, SSL certificate or getting your website ready for ecommerce, give the Broadband Cloud Solutions team a call today on 0141 585 6363. Our team can provide advice on technology, website hosting, domain names and everything else you need to get an online shop up-and-running.

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