If your business is looking to move key computing functions into the Cloud, you will need to take major initiatives to prepare staff for the changes involved. Most of the issues surrounding Cloud adoption ultimately come down to educating users – here are two areas which require particular attention.

Business Process Changes

Your business, if it has been established for any length of time, will have developed certain ways of working. These business processes become ingrained over time, often making changes quite challenging for employees and management to accept.

Adoption of the Cloud and new ways of working will often threaten your company’s status quo, creating a culture shock which needs to be addressed before beginning roll out. However, investing in advance training and preparation could help to alleviate this problem before the system is even implemented.

Control Loss

Outsourcing certain computing operations will also entail ceding control of certain aspects of your corporate IT. If you are shifting to a Cloud-hosted file storage service for instance, this could result in your own company server being retired, potentially making certain job roles redundant.

Again it is essential to educate and prepare the staff that are responsible for your in-house computer system for the change in working and the loss of some control as a natural result of the deployment. Failure to do so could lead to internal tensions which threaten the positive outcome of your Cloud migration.

99 times out of a hundred, corporate barriers to Cloud adoption can be addressed and resolved through training and preparation. Education must therefore play a central role in your Cloud deployment if it is to have maximum success.

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