Man typing a text message on a smartphoneEmail can be a fantastic tool for quick communication, but it’s not without its problems. The fire-and-forget nature of the medium means that many people are happy to send messages without fully considering the implications for the recipient. Everyone hates a full inbox, but we also tend to use email as a way to cover ourselves, or to defer issues for completion at a more convenient time.

However, the true weak point of email communications is revealed when file attachments are involved. Sending files via email makes dissemination easy, but for every recipient, a new copy is created. Once people begin amending those documents, your business has multiple versions in circulation making it very hard to identify which is the most up-to-date copy. Someone has to keep track of authoritative copies manually, or to merge the many changes to create that document – activities which are ultimately a waste of time, effort and ultimately money.

By working from a central file store, on the other hand, staff are able to collaborate on one authoritative copy together. A cloud-based solution takes this concept one step further by allowing your team to access and amend a file from anywhere in the world without having to send copies to each other. Implementing this system means that your team can immediately benefit from a reduction in email volumes and time wasted hunting down the “current copy” of a file.

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