Business greeting at elevatorSmall business owners are often encouraged to work on their sales pitches, condensing their information into a very short “speech”. Experts often refer to these as “elevator pitches” because they are intended to take no longer than a trip in a lift, trying to seal a deal in that brief window of time.

For maximum effect, pitches should be backed up with documentary evidence – not so easy when everything is on your PC back at the office, or on the switched-off laptop you are carrying at that moment. However Cloud file storage could give you access to the information you need from your tablet or smartphone.

LiveDrive comes with smartphone apps that hook directly into your business Cloud file storage so that you can retrieve important sales data or customer testimonials with a few taps. And so long as you have a mobile network or WiFi connection, the data is available to you any place any time.

Elevator pitches rely on being prepared to seize opportunities as and when they appear. By having data available to you at all times, your pitch instantly becomes a lot stronger than that of any potential competitor. And you look a lot more professional too.

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