secure cloud file storageData is your most second-most valuable asset after employees, so it is vital to ensure information is properly protected against loss or theft. Loss of IP, blackmail and even prosecution for mishandling personal data are all genuine threats to your business.

Here’s why your business should seriously consider Cloud file storage as a way to enhance your security provisions.

The portable data problem

As your workforce becomes increasingly mobile, your business needs to find a way to make data available to your remote employees. The humble laptop is crucial to these provisions, but also represents a major security vulnerability. In a traditional deployment, your users carry data stored on the local hard drive of the laptop. If the laptop is stolen, the thief can access that locally-stored information.

There is also the problem of removable media, like portable hard drives or USB thumb drives which are often used to move data around outside the office. If the device is lost, stolen or destroyed, the data stored on it could be compromised.

One potential solution to that problem is to encrypt the laptop hard drive, rendering the contents unreadable to anyone other than authenticated users. The alternative is to store data elsewhere, and provide access to it via laptops.

The corporate network security problem

Storing data on site makes it a target for hackers and cybercriminals, and with laptops connecting remotely, you may even be making their job easier. Every remote connection is equivalent to a “door” through your firewall – it may be protected with encryption and a password, but the potential is there to be exploited.

This means constantly updating, improving and managing network resources to ensure that unauthorised users are kept away from your company data. Obviously this is a routine part of keeping corporate IT running, but the more you can outsource the more time, resources and cost you can save.

How Cloud file storage helps

Using Cloud file storage services helps solve both portable data and network security problems simultaneously. Hosting files in the Cloud means that there should never be any need to save them onto a laptop or other removable media. If a laptop is stolen, there will be nothing to recover from the local drive.

Cloud file storage services are also protected by enterprise-grade security systems. These cutting edge technologies are specifically designed to prevent hackers and criminals from getting access to your data. Most importantly, these security provisions are maintained by technical experts, paid for as part of your monthly/annual service subscription fee. So rather than having to employ your own IT experts to secure your data, Cloud storage services ensure you have the resources and skills needed to keep information secure.

For more help and advice on securing your data using Cloud file storage, please get in touch.

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