Best Practice network architecture design recommends that at least one secondary domain name server be situated on a separate network connection from the primary server. This provides assurance that your domain names will continue to lead your customers to you, even if one of your domain servers is temporarily inaccessible. Our Secondary DNS Solution provides you with 2 totally autonomous DNS servers on completely different transit networks.

MX Relay

In addition to the above, we also add a secondary MX relay, to avoid bouncing e-mail if your own mailservers are ever down or unreachable. If your mail server cannot be reached, email is then sent to our secondary remote mail server. Once it reaches this server it is queued and continually checked to see if your mail server is online. When your server is back online the queued mail is delivered. Having Secondary MX virtually eliminates the risk of losing email due to a main server outage. Please note that this is an inbound secondary MX relay service, and not an oubound mail relay service for sending mail.


We charge just £10pa to provide secondary DNS and MX. Prices exclude VAT.

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Our remote secondary DNS and MX Relay services are hosted on the highly reputable Gradwell Network.

*All prices are excluding VAT