iStock_000017888438XSmall (2)Research commissioned by TalkTalk Business has revealed that 62% of British employees are willing to get involved in solving computer issues at work. Although this is great news for employers, the same survey also discovered that IT issues cost every employee two hours of downtime every week.

Whether this downtime is due to genuine IT failings, or simply unskilled employees taking longer than expected to resolve their own issues is unclear – but the fact is that 5% of the working week is often lost through computer problems.

One solution to this situation is to outsource computer management to a third party. Hosted desktop solutions provide employees with the same computer experience with which they are familiar, but delivered over the Internet. This desktop can be access via computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone, allowing employees to be productive at all times.

Should a computer in your office fail, employees can immediately switch over to an alternative device, log onto the hosted desktop, and pick up where they left off. Normally such an outage would cost two hours on a weekly basis, but with hosted desktops, delays are reduced to mere minutes.

Hosted desktops have an added advantage in that maintaining them is the responsibility of the service provider. This means that should a problem arise, rather than your staff wasting time trying to fix it, the service provider steps in.

To find out more about hosted desktop solutions and how they can help your employees become more productive, call Broadband Cloud Solutions today on 0141 585 6363.

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