short domain nameEvidence shows consistently that short domain names are the most memorable for Internet users, often resulting in higher traffic and turnover. This has led to massive demand for shorter .com URLs, resulting in every three-letter combination between and being sold as long ago as 1997.

Obviously the next best thing for many organisations is to secure a four-letter address, but as of last week this has also become impossible. Research from reveals that there are no longer any of these addresses available for purchase either.

In the short term, expect to see a rush for businesses hoping to secure five-letter website addresses, hoping to find something that is still short enough to be memorable. For businesses able to wait a few more months however, the next generation of “global top level domains” (gTLDs) promises a further supply of very short domain names.

Most of us are familiar with and .com website addresses, but the new gTLDs will bring a whole range of generic website domain options such as .menu, .london and even .church. ICANN, the body for administering website addresses, intends to release hundreds of new gTLDs, providing thousands of new short URL combinations for businesses willing to wait.

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