big www lettersAfter years of planning and months of hype, the first of the next generation of gTLDs finally go live this week. Around 1000 new address options will be made available over the course of 2014, expanding far beyond the current 22 top-level extensions.

This week, the first of the new Latin alphabet-based gTLDs will go live. From this date businesses and individuals will be able to register addresses based on .bike, .holdings, .ventures, .clothing, .plumbing, .guru and .singles. More new gTLDs will then go live every seven days, offering plenty of potential addresses for new sites.

The new gTLDs offer businesses another chance to secure something suitable in situations where they have had problems registering their “ideal” website address. Many of the new gTLDs are based around specific industries; for instance, allowing Joe Smith the plumber to register even though is owned by someone else already.

For the first time ever, website owners will now be able to buy domain names using non-Latin alphabet sets. Examples of some of these new domain names include:


Domain names using these new extensions will be available for purchase by anyone subject to the usual rules regarding copyright infringement.

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