freeimage-3648586Traditionally, growing a business meant significant investment in new IT software and services as part of the recruitment process, with every new employee requiring a computer, software licenses and a new phone line. For SMEs employing more than a couple of people, this often meant purchasing some of telephone switchboard and additional ISDN capacity to cope.

However, the advent of VoIP, a technology used to transmit telephone calls over the Internet, has made telecoms far more flexible and cost-efficient for small businesses. With the assistance of a managed VoIP service, extensions and numbers can be added in seconds – the only requirement being a suitable phone handset. Adding and removing extensions to match the fluctuations of a flexible workforce is simple, and ensure SMEs do not pay more for their telecoms than they need.

The use of hosted VoIP services also means that business calls can be answered wherever there is an internet connection. SIP-enabled handsets can be plugged into a router at home, and calls answered as normal. The caller need never know that the employee is working from home that day. Similarly, smartphone apps can also be used to route business calls transparently to employees in the field.

Best of all, VoIP solutions do not necessarily require the purchase of additional phone lines. Instead they can piggyback off your existing broadband Internet connection, further reducing costs.

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