Google signIn an attempt to grab a larger slice of the Cloud file storage market, Google Drive has announced some large price cuts for their services. As well as a free entry-level offering targeted at consumers, prices for large volumes of data have been slashed by as much as 80%.

On the face of it, Google’s new pricing strategy is very attractive for businesses who need to be able to access their data any place, any time. However businesses need to carefully examine the Terms of Service (ToS) before they are distracted by the low prices on offer.

According to Google’s ToS, the search giant retains the right to analyse the files stored in their Drive service, to keep copies of your data and to use it in any way they see fit. Obviously it would be bad business for Google to exploit their customer’s data, but the fact the ToS explicitly allows them to do just this should be alarming for businesses who are concerned about their intellectual property (IP) and their clients’ privacy.

Most organisations should instead choose a truly business-oriented service that maintains the integrity of their data without risking property rights or confidentiality. Broadband Cloud Solution’s LiveDrive service never uses your data in any way, and has the added bonus of keeping your information in the UK. Choosing a UK-based service protects your business against prosecution for breach of data protection laws governing the transfer of personal data outside the European Union.

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