IT industry analyst Gartner has made several predictions regarding the future of virtualized desktop computing which provide encouraging reading for any business considering adopting such technologies. Among the headline quotes from Gartner were:

  • By 2013, 40% of all corporate desktops will be virtualized
  • The desktop virtualization market will be worth $1.8 billion by the end of this year alone (2012)
  • The total cost of ownership of virtual desktops will be up to 13% lower than locally managed physical computers
  • Capital expenditure costs for virtual desktops will fall 10% by 2014

The one indisputable fact is that virtual desktop computing is gaining in popularity and therefore becoming more common in businesses of all sizes.

Much of Gartner’s confidence in these predictions is based on the uptake of Cloud-based computing solutions by consumers in their personal lives. As end-users begin to appreciate the anything, anywhere data access provided by the Cloud, they will also seek the same flexibility in their workplace computing environment. Over time, this momentum should drive uptake in smaller businesses.

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