domain registration periodEURid, who oversees registration and management of the .eu domain name addresses, has announced a few changes to the registration periods for holders of their addresses. From 15 September this year, a new .eu Terms and Conditions and Registrar Agreement will come into effect.

Unlike other domain names, .eu registration periods expire at the end of the calendar month. Under the terms of the current agreement, an .eu domain name registered on 15 July 2013 for 2 years expires on 31July 2015.

However the new terms of service will bring .eu domains in line with the rest of the world, expiring on the anniversary of registration. This means that a domain name registered after the change in conditions, 16 September, will now expire on 16 September 2016, not 30 September.

Businesses and individuals who are already holding domains at the point of changeover will be offered the choice of how they would like their registration to proceed. Anyone who does not advise EURid of their preference will see no difference – their domains will continue to expire at the end of the month as normal.

If your business currently uses .eu domains, you should check out the new Terms and Conditions and Registrar Agreements on the EURid website. There are several versions of the document available in a choice of languages should you need it. It is worth noting that .eu domain holders have just 5 weeks left to make EURid aware of their preferences.

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