iStock_000017586163XSmall (2)Employing temporary staff is a great way to keep employment costs low, allowing you to take people on to meet short-lived bursts in demand. Unfortunately, providing the infrastructure required to help temporary staff be productive from day one is more costly. A temporary accounts clerk can help you chase down outstanding payments and improve cashflow, for instance – but they also need a computer to access your accounts system and respond to email.

If you have a spare PC in the office, there’s no problem. But if not, does it make sense to spend out £500+ for a temporary employee? Probably not.

This is where a hosted desktop solution could come in handy. Your temp can access any desktop PC, configured to your company’s preferences, without having you having to fork out on a new office computer. Your company benefits from being able to rent access to the hosted desktop on a month-by-month basis, ensuring you only pay for the solution for as long as is needed. At the end of the contract, you are not left with any costly capital expenditure to affect your balance sheet either. You can even take advantage of remote working temporary employees to further reduce costs if necessary.

If you would like to know more about hosted desktops and how they can help your business adjust according to demand, give the Broadband Cloud Solutions team a call today on 0141 535 6363.

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