If you already have a domain name registered with another company, but wish to take advantage of our great value hosting packages, then you can still transfer your domain to us. Unlike many hosting companies, we do not charge any specific transfer fees (in or out). We simply treat transfers like new registrations – you pay at the time of transfer, and then every one or two years from that date.

To begin your transfer to us, click the link below and enter your domain name into the “Domain Checker”. When the system advises that this domain is not available to register, hit the “transfer” link.

Transfer your domain today! Transfer

The transfer methods differ depending on whether your existing domain is a UK domain (.uk) or a global domain (.com). In either case, begin by submitting a transfer order via our website.

UK Domain Transfer

To transfer a UK domain first contact the current hosting company, and ask them to change the IPS tag of the domain to “NSDESIGN” (you may be able to do this yourself). This will give us control over the domain, and allow us to complete the transfer and set up any hosting for you.

Global Domain Transfer

Transferring global domains is a slightly longer process. The first step is to ensure the domain is “unlocked” and made available for transfer by the current host. Then make sure you are listed as the “admin contact” for the domain, otherwise you will not be able to accept any email request to authorise the transfer. The next step is to make sure you have changed the DNS (the nameservers) in advance of any transfer (as advised in the email you’ll get after placing a transfer order on our site). And finally, after completing the above, you should email us, provide us with the “auth-code” (which you can get from the current host), and request that we initiate the transfer.