Every year, we do NOT renew a small number of our customers domains simply because their contact details are out of date and we cannot contact them. While this usually gets resolved in the end, it can mean extra hassle (and sometimes money) getting the domain live again, if that is, they can re-secure it before released back to the general public.

Secure Your Domain – Long Term

Because of this, we are introducing a means where customers can “protect” their domain renewal – so that even if we cannot contact you, your domain will still be renewed and remain active. To qualify you must:

  • Currently pay using Paypal Subscription or FuturePay (repeat credit card billing)
  • Pay a refundable £10 for this service. Prices exclude VAT.

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The protection fee can be refunded at any time, but while you remain in credit with us, your domain renewal will be secured. We recommend customers consider this additional level of security, especially if the domain is vital for the running of your business.

Customers with a global domain (a .com, .org or .net) are also reminded that these domains can be registered for up to ten years – guaranteeing you never miss a renewal! Private Whois Registrations may also be of interest to customers looking to hide personal information within the whois. For more information on any of these options, please email info@broadbandcloudsolutions.co.uk at any time.

*All prices are excluding VAT