Digital marketingBusiness websites are no longer an intriguing oddity, they are positively commonplace. Customers now expect your business to have a fully functioning site that informs them about your product and gives them the opportunity to purchase it there on the spot. So how do you make yours stand out? Through digital marketing of course.

Your website is competing in a global marketplace – an oversaturated environment where it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture people’s attention. You must use digital marketing strategies to draw them into your website and keep them there.

You must lay digital marketing groundwork before search engines like Google bring people to your site. In the age of the search engine, no one “just happens” to find you online any more.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider:

SEO copywriting

Have your target audience in mind when writing for your site. This is the only way to be sure that they’ll find you online. Search engines use sophisticated algorithms to read the text on your site and automatically identify keywords – the terms people will use to find your site as they search.

These algorithms are getting better at identifying the underlying message of your text, but they aren’t infallible. You need to write in a particular way to make your page rank higher than your competitors.

Paid search advertising

A number of sponsored ads sit at the top of the search page. These links are a form of paid advertisement. Businesses pay the search engine to display their links when users type in certain keywords. Every time their ad is shown to a user, or someone clicks on the link, a fee is charged to the advertiser’s account.

Paid search advertising is relatively cost effective, but certain search terms cost a lot more than others. Fortunately, you can set a budget so that you don’t pay any more than you can afford. Planning how best to spend your budget, and the keywords you need to target, is a job that requires an expert. Otherwise you could end up spending all of your cash, and generating very little return on the investment.

Social media presence

Online shoppers are increasingly turning to social media to carry out product research before making a purchase. In order to connect with these potential customers, you will need active social media accounts – typically Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Your social channels offer a way to connect with customers, provide outstanding support and demonstrate your latest products and services. But you will need to understand the conventions and nuances of each social network to ensure that your messages are well targeted and avoid damaging your brand.

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