White cloud in the skyThe move towards Cloud computing has left many IT professionals concerned for their jobs, and many small business owners worried about a potential loss of control of their own data. This may indeed be the case with traditional outsourcing (delegating full responsibility for an aspect of service provision to a third party) deals. Cloudsourcing, on the other hand, helps your business capitalise on the cost-saving potential of outsourcing whilst retaining a significant level of control over the service.

Better still for the IT professional, cloudsourcing tends to involve delegation of the routine, low-level tasks which can take up a significant proportion of the working day without yielding any great satisfaction. Moving file storage to the Cloud, for instance, relieves the responsibility for managing files, folders and permissions, allowing focus to be transferred to more pressing development projects like email server upgrades or product research and testing.

Choosing to cloudsource in this way helps your business pick and choose the functions to outsource which give the best return on the subscription. The flexibility of Cloud-computing provision also means that you can retain or cede control of virtually any aspect of your company IT as and how you see fit.

If you would like advice on getting started with Cloud computing, or to even take the first steps by migrating to a Cloud file storage service, give the Broadband Cloud Solutions team a call on 0141 585 6363.

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