back view of business man hug white cloudGlobal software giant Microsoft has been quizzing small business owners about their attitudes to the Cloud, and discovered that the expectations of many do not reflect their experiences.

60% of non-Cloud using companies reported that concerns about data security were their primary reason for non-adoption. However, 94% of SMEs who were using the Cloud believed that they had recognised security benefits which had been previously unavailable when maintaining their own IT systems. Up-to-date software versions, auto-updated anti-virus and improved spam email management were all identified as benefits of the Cloud, and 62% of respondents also believed they experienced increased levels of privacy protection following migration.

During the course of the survey, 70% of respondents commented that the cost savings created through Cloud subscriptions had freed additional cash for investment in other areas of their businesses. Time-savings provided by these hosted services were also considerable, allowing 50% of Cloud-using companies to pursue new opportunities.

The survey further highlights a disconnect between what SMEs expect from the Cloud, and what it can actually deliver. What Microsoft could not identify was whether this mismatch is due to poor explanation of Cloud technologies and associated benefits, or whether non-adopters are simply not interested.

However, if your SME is interested in how Cloud computing can save your company time and money without compromising on data security, call the Broadband Cloud Solutions team on 0141 585 6363. Our team can explain everything you need to know in plain English, giving you a good grounding to make your own Cloud adoption decisions.

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