IT consultancy Cap Gemini published results last week which show that not only is Cloud computing gaining acceptance, but that implementation of the technologies is no longer seen as an “IT” decision. According to the report, which surveyed 460 organisations across the world, decisions relating to Cloud adoption are now generally being taken by staff without a formalized IT background.

In the UK specifically, 45% of Cloud adoption decisions are made by business unit managers as opposed to 44% that are made by the IT department (the other 13% are taken by third party consultants). Adoption in the UK is also well ahead of the rest of the world, as 83% of businesses have already developed Cloud strategies (the global average is 76).

The Cloud offers businesses easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go computing resources, whilst simultaneously helping to significantly reduce costs – factors which have brought it to the attention of managers outside the IT department. When the ease of deployment and lowered barriers to adoption are factored in, it is easy to understand why the IT department is being bypassed in the rush for the Cloud.

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