WWW and mouse symbolising web hostingWhen developing a company website, one of the first decisions you need to make is the web hosting package you use. Broadly speaking, web hosting packages are split into three categories, basic, intermediate and advanced.

Each of these three levels is defined by (a) how much storage is provided and, (b) how much bandwidth is included. If your website exceeds either of these allocations, you will be charged an additional fee by your web host.

How much web hosting storage do I need?

Your storage allocation defines how much physical disk space is available for storing the text, pictures and other files that go on to make up your website. Unless your company intends to offer thousands of products for sale from the outset, you probably do not need a huge amount of storage.

As your site grows over time you may want to revisit this issue, but initially your site will probably need no more than 500MB of storage. Obviously you should check the total size of all files before upload just to be sure!

How much bandwidth do I need?

Much trickier to define are your bandwidth requirements, this is the amount of data sent and received by your website visitors each month. Websites that have very large pictures, or rely on transferring large files, or expect to receive thousands of visitors every month will need a large bandwidth allocation.

Defining your exact requirements is tricky and best performed with the assistance of a professional. Ask your web developer to perform some initial calculations that may help you estimate requirements more accurately, and discuss these findings with a trusted hosting provider.

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