SSL certificate website securityIf you sell online, or need to enhance security for any reason, an SSL certificate is a must-buy. However just a few minutes of searching online will reveal dozens of different SSL certificates with a wide range of prices for each. So why would you buy a more expensive certificate?

Higher trust

Some of the authorities who issue certificates are better known than others. Because these businesses have better reputations, they also carry more trust with customers. By purchasing a certificate from one of these vendors, your website should also benefit from an increased level of trust in your products, services and security.

More expensive SSL certificates also verify your business exists, not just that you own the domain name attached to your website. Again, this gives your customers greater confidence when making a purchase from you.

Improved browser support

A few cheaper SSL certificates are not recognised by some web browsers. This means that people using these browsers will either be unable to use your website properly or will not benefit from the protection offered. More expensive certificates are tested to ensure greater levels of compatibility so that you can reach more people with your website.

Better security

Higher priced SSL certificates offer higher levels of encryption than their lower priced competitors. For the security of your customers and their sensitive personal information, you should purchase an SSL certificate that provides at least 256-bit encryption support.

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