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In our last blog, we spoke about how your web hosting can make or break your business. We’ve had a few people ask us recently, about the benefits of moving to one of our premium, virtual dedicated, or even a fully dedicated servers.

 So we thought we’d blog about it! Makes sense huh? Before we dive into some of the points we want to discuss, it’s worth clearing up a few buzz words:


What is ‘Shared Server’ hosting?

Shared server hosting means you have an allocation of space (a hosting account) within a server. This server is shared by many users. Server resources are then divided up and shared.

What is ‘Premium Server’ hosting?

Premium server hosting is similar to shared server hosting, however, you share the server with a handful of clients.

What is a ‘Virtual Dedicated Server’?

A Virtual Dedicated Server, or VDS, is a server which is divided into sections. Similar to a Hard Disk Drive on your computer, a VDS is a server which has been partitioned, to seem like it’s an independent server. You are then allocated a slice of resources, which are yours to use. Guaranteed.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is purely 1 server, used by 1 person or business.


What’s the benefits then?

Well there are a number of benefits of moving to a VDS or Dedicated server…

1. Resources

So with shared hosting, you’ll experience a slice of the servers resources. When a user visits your site, they are given your websites files, for their internet browser to render, which ultimately displays your website. At the same time however, other users could be visiting sites which are also hosted on that server. During peak times, your site could load slower. With a VDS, the site will load much quicker, since you’re only sharing the entire server with a handful of other people. With a dedicated server, your site loads as quick as the server can operate, and has no other people’s sites to load up. You then also have a much bigger disk space allocation, since the drive isn’t shared.


2. Server Control

It’s your server! You can tweak it to meet your needs. I.e. Have certain versions of php for example. You can assign multiple hosting accounts within the server, re-sell hosting accounts and much more! You’ll have full admin access to every aspect of the server. However, with any type of hosting, we’ll always be here, should you need us! You can tweet us at any time @BroadbandCloud, log a support ticket at, phone us on 0141 585 6363, or email us.


3. Freedom

You’re not held back by the limitations of shared hosting. You have massive disk space and bandwidth allocations. You really have no limitations, other than the specs of the server you purchase.


Ready to move from shared hosting? Tweet us @BroadbandCloud or drop us an email to discuss your requirements.





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