Welcome to Diamond Data Backup, the UK wide online solution to essential data backup and data recovery.We take secure care of your most precious business asset – your data.

Your Data. Safe. Secure. Always.

Sleep soundly. Diamond Data Backup is the perfect night cap. Have a restful night, safe in the knowledge that all your good work of the day will be there in the morning; and the morning after that; and every morning, no matter what happens.

Diamond Data Backup never forgets to look after your assets. That is our service to you..

All your leads, all your customer relations, all your invoicing, everything you need for business, backed up absolutely securely, totally reliably, and completely automatically, every day. No worries, no problems. Ever.

Our managed online backup system automatically backs up all the important files from your computer(s) every single evening without you lifting a finger. The quota is based on the uncompressed size of your data

25GB 50GB 75GB 100GB 150GB 200GB
£27pcm £44pcm £61pcm £78pcm £90pcm £112pcm

Larger sizes available on request

Key benefits

  • No human interaction required
  • Data is encrypted before leaving your computers
  • We backup our backup to another server
  • We are Data Protection Act registered
  • Backup report emailed to you daily

This is a managed service, meaning that we personally monitor your backups for ultimate peace of mind.


Payments will be collected via Direct Debit. 3 month termination.

Please note: All prices Exclude VAT

Next steps

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