the Cloud for SMEsA recent survey conducted by J2 Global has discovered that 88% of small businesses intend to move some of their legacy technology into the Cloud during 2014.

The most common reason given for replacing onsite systems with Cloud-hosted alternatives was a desire to cut costs: 20% of respondents expect to realise savings of £700 or more as a result of the move.

Owners of small businesses have become used to accessing Cloud services on personal smartphones and tablets, and now want to enjoy the same flexibility for business applications. There is also an expectation that the days of the physical fax machine are numbered: 27% of the professionals questioned would like to move to an online alternative this year.

SME owners are being urged to carefully consider Cloud services because the time saved from not having to manage onsite systems can be better spent elsewhere. Staff freed from routine IT management can be deployed to provide improved customer services for instance.

And although some large Internet companies, like Yahoo!, have been shutting down remote working schemes, more than a third of SMEs hope to expand theirs this year. 36% of small business owners hope to use the Cloud to underpin flexible working policies as part of a drive to attract more talented staff, and retain their existing workforce. The idea, of course, is that allowing staff to work anyplace, anytime will increase productivity and provide a better balance between work and personal life.

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