Cloud file storageStoring files online to access any place, any time is increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. But how do you choose the right Cloud file storage for your needs?

1. Reliability

You need to be sure that your files are available when you need them, so always ask providers to show you their “uptime” statistics. This demonstrates how often their system goes down, preventing access to data. Choose a Cloud storage provider with a good track record of “uptime”.

2. Security

Your files need to be protected against loss or theft, or you risk prosecution under the Data Protection Act. Stolen data could also cost your business its competitive edge. Check your provider uses encryption and SSL to protect data in transit and in storage.

3. Price

You need a service that fits in your budget, but remember that free doesn’t always mean “good”. Check that the service provides good value for money and that you aren’t giving away too much access to your data to third parties.

4. Location

You should always choose the services of a UK-based service provider to stay compliant with EU data processing laws, which dictate that personal data should not be transferred outside of the EU.

5. Volume

Your business is acquiring data at a phenomenal rate and will continue to do so in future. Remember to consider exactly how much storage space you need now and into the future. The costs of increasing storage space should be one of your primary considerations to avoid an unexpectedly large bill in the future.

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