Like any technology implementation, there is often a fine line between success and disaster. Here are four of our top tips to ensure your business gets their Cloud deployment right first time.

1. Security First – You have a legal and moral duty to protect the data that your company stores. Always check you are satisfied with any Cloud provider’s security provisions before signing up to their service.

2. Nail the details down – What are you getting for your subscription? What is included? What costs extra? Does the service really match your company needs? If you get the details wrong, your business may make a costly mistake and have to restart the Cloud project.

3. Sort your strategy upfront – How are you going to use the service? How will you know everything is working correctly (hint: audit your processes regularly)? Who is responsible for each aspect of the service?

4. Implement usage guidelines – Even if the technology is spot-on, your own staff can often throw a spanner in the works, deliberately or unintentionally. You need to decide what is and isn’t acceptable use of the system and ensure staff are aware of these rules. Failure to do so could see data leaked (illegally) from your system, causing reputational damage and potentially, costly lawsuits.

If your business can get a grip on each of these 4 points, we’re confident your Cloud rollout should go swimmingly!

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