IT_provisioning_supportDeploying new IT systems can be a major headache for any business. If you are unsure of your requirements or what you should be paying, hiring an independent expert to assist with IT provisioning will help you tremendously.

Here are the top three reasons you should go independent:

1. Getting the right technology solutions for your needs

Independent IT consultants can provide unbiased advice about building an IT system that will help support your business strategy. After all, you need a system that delivers for as long as possible to maximise the return on your investment. Getting an expert on your side for your IT provisioning can be invaluable.

Not all IT systems are the same, and it may be that you need a mix of technologies to deliver the benefits you want. Trying to put together a system from scratch is costly, time-consuming and a potential security threat. Your independent expert will be able to install and configure the systems correctly, before hardening them against cyberattack.

Finally, an independent IT consultant who provides support and maintenance, as well new hardware, will have real world experience and knowledge that can be applied to defining and achieving exactly what you need.

2. IT provisioning will help you get the best price

Many IT Value Added Resellers (VARs) are members of partner programmes run by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), like HP, Dell and IBM. In order to maintain their coveted partner status, they are obliged to sell a certain amount of that OEM’s goods every year.

Although these systems are usually perfectly adequate, they may not be the best solution for your needs. You may also find that the systems being recommended are not keenly priced. An independent IT expert can identify the systems you really need and drive a hard bargain on your behalf. They will make sure that you end up paying the best price for the best equipment.

3. Pre-configuring your systems for rapid deployment

Most businesses only buy new equipment when they really need it. So you need to be able to install and deploy new systems as soon as possible.

Many VARs drop ship systems straight from the OEM, without any additional configuration or preparation – you open the box and begin the work of tweaking software and settings yourself. This adds to the overall cost and time spent on your new investment.

An independent IT consultant who offers provisioning services will be able to source the hardware you need and pre-configure it before shipping it to your offices. Any operating system configurations or specialist software installation is done in advance so all you need to do is put the new system in its place. Your consultant may even carry out the local installation too, so your team can be up-and-running within minutes.

To learn more about IT provisioning services and how the Broadband Cloud Solutions team can help you maximise the value of your IT hardware investment, please get in touch.

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