The latest TechTarget survey of 1500 IT professionals has confirmed that cloud computing solutions are not only here to stay, but continue to grow in popularity. 61% of those questioned confirmed that their businesses were already using some form of cloud-based service – although the other 39% confirmed they were not using any cloud technologies at all.

Very large businesses, as with most IT developments, were among the most likely to use cloud services, closely followed very small companies. Surprisingly, uptake of the cloud remained relatively slow in medium sized companies.

When questioned about reasons for adopting public cloud services, 73% of respondents said the associated cost savings were the primary motivating factor. However, a further surprise was uncovered when only 65% of the IT directors claimed that public cloud computing fit their actual business needs. It is unclear why there is a slight imbalance between cost savings and business needs, but much of this could be down to companies looking choosing headline cash savings over efficiency as they seek to weather the current financial climate.

The TechTarget survey only covers Cloud adoption rates and attitudes and does not drill down into the specific applications being used. It will be interesting to see how the figures change over the coming 12 months and whether cloud adoption picks up speed within medium-sized businesses over that period.

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